Monday, August 10, 2009

Next on the List

Denny and I spent a little time this weekend contemplating our navels, but only a little time. Denny worked on some maintenance; replacing the wall border in the bathroom, putting latches on the new TV cabinet for travel, exploring the insides of his eyelids. Heh.

My day off was typical, some housework, some playing on the computer for mindless entertainment, some research for the estate and a little staring at the insides of my eyelids myself.

Today the carpet installers arrive at my mother's house, so the two of us will be starting to cart things out of the basement. My brother will have a lot of trips to make to his house since he's going to store Mom's Christmas ornament collection. I just didn't get that priced, although I'm going to try to work on that the next couple of evenings. The only other thing left (the new elephant in the room) is the baby grand player piano that's being restored half-way across the state. We'll figure something out.

So what do we have left? Empty the basement, cut up/tape/haul out old carpet from the basement, clean up down there, put up shower rod/curtain, curtain rod/curtain for the bath, re-install closet doors in three bedrooms now that the hardwood floors have dried, re-install drapery rods in the living room, clean all the floors, install new switch plates on all the outlets of all the newly painted rooms, take old paint/thinners/stains/gasoline to haz-mat, take old bed rails/work benches/scrap to scrap metal recycler, take lawn debris to city mulch recycling, clean out the shed, take leftover "stuff" to charity, haul a mattress and a lot of carpet to the curb for bulk pick, clean out all the stuff in the two garages that we've tossed there to get it off the floors that are being carpeted, run a few last minute pick up/delivery errands and hope to have all that done by this Wednesday when the realtor comes by at noon to check out the house and get the paperwork ready to put it on the market. Whew. I'm exhausted and I'm not even over there yet!

Launch date for the RV Vagabonds is scheduled for Friday, August 14.


Anonymous said...

I finished the lower 48 on Horse, my trusty Harley Fat Boy- last month. I went out to SF to see my daughter, turned right at Utah and hit Idaho, Orgon and Washington to complete the continental US. Less than 2 1/2 years of job left. We will not stay on the road, but plan to hit it frequently with spur-of-the moment ideas from the travel and food channels, and a travel bag on the Harley.
Horse will be retired to short trips or local riding- short maybe 500 or less, and I will soon be in the market for an Electraglide. I have a feeling when I get one- the 500 or less will turn into 50 or less!
Now that my wings are clipped for the season- I will be relying on the vicarious vacations by Braun!
Rat (Markowski)

Anonymous said...

The last bit of details can lead to quite a pile but looks like you guys are finally seeing some light.

I quite enjoy the inside of my eyelids as well and I do feel they need to be checked out every once in a while. :-)

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