Friday, August 14, 2009


Leaving Ohio was tough. I called my aunt (Mom's sister) to tell her the house was on the market and that we were leaving the state. Whew. It really is happening. We're on the road.

We've arrived safely in Elkhart, IN, home to Amish folk and RV heaven at one time, now sadly a victim of the current economy. We're set up, online and have two drinks under our belts on an empty stomach--not a good thing if you are trying to blog. Therefore this will be short and sweet.

To leave was incredibly freeing and incredibly sad. I've lost my mother, but gained an improved relationship with my brother and sister. I'm selling my childhood home, but taking back my life with my husband.

Bittersweet indeed.


SkippyMom said...

Perfectly said Linda, perfectly said.

I know it is hard, but I am happy that y'all are back on the road.

You both are well deserving of those drinks - :) I hope you have a safe and happy journey.


Soulknitting said...

Eh. Yes, just yes. The childhood home is now even more of a past dream. When I drive by my parents home (and my childhood home) here in Vegas, it feels like it was a different life. Did I really live there for 20 years? Werid. Sad but freeing. I'm SO glad you two are back on the road. Kiss Patches for me.

Anonymous said...

Never easy.. but you have done it with style and grace (and a lot of elbow grease) Wishing you and Denny all the best with the open road. You deserve it.

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