Friday, August 28, 2009

Glimpses of the Past

It's kinda rainy, kinda dreary and kinda cold today so I pulled out the DVDs I had transferred off videotapes by Wally World. One word of warning; don't use Wally World for this purpose, whoever they send it off to for the transfer did a crappy job.

However, it was fun to watch the grandkids, sons, nieces, nephews, various family members and friends at Christmas time over the past twelve years, and see some vignettes of our travels. I think I'll try to find a better service for transferring our tapes to DVDs (we've given our camcorders to the kids so don't have a way of doing it ourselves), and try again so I can eventually consolidate the Christmas videos onto one DVD for the kids. Right now, with the ones Wally World did, the sound is about five minutes behind the actual scene being played and that just doesn't get it.

Soon I may get bored, but it's been so nice just to watch the world go by these last two weeks instead of being "Joe Responsible" and having to handle all the details for my mother's estate. Footloose and fancy free is truly the lifestyle for me.

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