Wednesday, August 19, 2009

RV Dreamin' or What?

It was our intent to drive to Elkhart, Indiana to look at the new Heartland Landmark Grand Canyon fifth wheel and perhaps drive away having ordered a new 2010 model before we left. Alas, it was not to be, as the Grand Canyon is a beautiful and high end rig and we just don't want the big payment on top of our big truck payment. However, a very convenient lottery win might help us out here (hint, hint, lottery gods!)

Anywho, here's a couple of pictures comparing the Landmark Augusta model to the Landmark Grand Canyon model. A new rig may still be in our future, just not right now.

The exterior of the Landmark Augusta, which differs from the Grand Canyon in that the Augusta had four slide out rooms. The Grand Canyon has three slideouts, one of which is close to being a "full wall" slideout. Very nice. Notice the puddles from the one inch of rain that fell that day.

The desk area of the Augusta.

The desk area of the Grand Canyon. An option in both units is an electric fireplace in place of the cabinet next to the desk. While the ambiance is undeniable, I need the cabinet for manuals, CDs, and "stuff".

The kitchens of the Augusta and the Grand Canyon are almost identical in the island area, but the Grand Canyon opens up more at the entrance to the rig for a more airy feel. Less counter top and cabinet space, but more room to move around.

In all honesty, the new Grand Canyon really has nothing our Palisades doesn't already have, except it's a little longer, a little lighter in weight and a little classier in appearance inside. But as Denny's friend J.D. would say, "it's awful pur-dy". RV dreamin' indeed.


SkippyMom said...

OOOOH Lovely - Although Pooldad and I won't have a fifth wheel - we will have a smaller trailer when we retire - I looove the island and the desk in this fifth wheel [especially if it has a fireplace too!] Yum!

I will say a prayer to the lottery gods for you - and if we win? You and I are going shopping :D

Val said...

Holy cow! These are fancy shmancy. Me likey :)

Anonymous said...

Very Pur-dy, indeed!

I wonder how many ears those lottery-gods have. I have been trying to reach them for years. :-)

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