Saturday, August 22, 2009

Third Hop

Since leaving Ohio last Friday we've visited the city of Elkhart, Indiana to look at new fifth wheels, spent three days in Delaware, Ohio to spend time with the Darb (and suffer electrical problems and get rained on, a LOT), and then drove to Brunswick, Ohio to meet up with Denny's daughter Vicki and her husband Paul for an evening out. We ended up at Cozumel's Mexican Restaurant; great food, but mediocre margaritas. It was a most pleasant way to spend the night and this morning we awoke to much cooler temperatures.

A trip into town was necessary today to fill up Black Beauty. We also were checking out the two local grocery stores for small cans of Limeaide (near impossible to find anymore) which is where we found the wine in the previous post. Great grocery store (Little Giant) poor choice of wines. Just kidding, they had a great selection of wines including some that wouldn't be my personal taste. While driving home we discovered an Italian bakery (the owner had a picture of herself with Giada from the Food Network channel) with tons of goodies and came home with some decadent looking tiramisu. The icing on the cake today was the driver of a passing Ford 150 who called out "nice truck" and the guy at the gas station who insisted on seeing the inside of the engine compartment as well as walking all around admiring our big black truck. Black Beauty has garnered a lot of attention for us and we have a lot of fun with it.

Our fourth and final (for several days' break) hop will be to Cambria Center, NY. It will be nice to set up camp and not have to pack up again two to three days later to move on. We're hoping for a lot of quality time with our grandkids before we move on to New Jersey, a state we've yet to explore. Which means we'll be able to put another state on our "states we've visited map" at the bottom of the blog. It's been way too long since we've done that. We had a discussion the other night with fellow RVers Bill and Diane about what standards various RVers use to be able to check off the states on their maps. Some think just driving across/through the state suffices, some believe a one-night stay works, some think you have to have had sex there. ;) Denny and I feel we have to stay at least a week, play golf there and oh, yeah--that other thing too, before we color in another state on the map. Works for us!


SkippyMom said...

I like your rules for being able to stick the sticker!

I saw your calendar at the bottom - that is cool! [The calendar and all the trips you have planned]

Have a good time relaxing in one place for a while :) Hi to Denny!

Anonymous said...

Filling in your map reminds me a bit of the satisfaction of crossing things off a list... only a lot more fun is involved. :-)

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