Friday, April 16, 2010

Hanging Over

After checking the weather forecast for the Gallup, New Mexico area next week and discovering that it was supposed to thunderstorm and have very cold night time temperatures, Denny and I decided to stick around here in Cottonwood for a few more days.

Today we wandered around some of the nature trails, looking for the Thousand Trails private geocaches on the grounds here.  They are not the standard caches, but finding them gives you a discount at the country store for food or merchandise and we're all about discounts!  There are two separate sets of caches, but I just loaded all nineteen into our GPS at once and we looked for the ones that were closest to our rig to start off.  Wandering up and down the hills we were treated to unusual wild flowers and lovely vistas, although the day was overcast so all the colors were muted.  Of course, with the sun hiding behind the clouds, we also didn't get as hot as we would have on a sunny day, so that worked out for us because there were times we were huffing and puffing climbing up the hillsides here.  We did seven geocaches before we became too tuckered out to continue so we figure we (or I) will get the rest over the next week.  

There are plenty of places to see around the Cottonwood area; there's the Tuzigoot National Monument, Montezuma Castle, Montezuma's Well, the cities of Jerome and Sedona (no blog posts on those, just pictures), the historic part of Cottonwood, a small casino, Fort Verde State Park and just a whole lot of beautiful scenery all around.

But for now, we're just enjoying the weather, crossing our fingers that nothing else goes wrong with the Beast and watching out for those rattlesnakes!

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