Friday, April 09, 2010

The Weirdness Continues

The root canal procedure went well for me and the pain that the endodontist warned of has not occurred.  Instead, Denny ended up with an ankle that feels sprained, despite not twisting it, not stepping into a hole, not banging the ankle bone into a chair, nothing.  Just him waking up and putting weight on the the foot and feeling a great deal of pain.  Could it be he's avoiding hiking up Silly Mountain with me?  Nah!  Of course, that will go on our list of things to do the next time we're in town because he's certainly not up to it now.

Instead, today we did what we do best; we spent money.  I neglected Denny's birthday last year since it fell soon after my mother's death, so this year I'm treating him to a new set of golf clubs.  Actually, I'm treating both of us to a set, so we now have birthdays and Christmas taken care of for the year.  Denny insisted I take a 1/2 hour golf lesson when I couldn't hit the new clubs well when trying to figure out which clubs I liked best and in just a couple of minutes the golf pro showed me what I was doing wrong in my wrist hinge (I had chicken arms--don't ask).  So I'm excited about the new clubs.  Denny has to have his clubs fitted since he's so tall, so his will be shipped to his sister's house in Albuquerque and be waiting for us when we arrive there in three weeks.  Now if Connie's honey-do list isn't too long once we arrive, we may even get to try them out while we're there!

Oh, and in case anyone wondered, we bought the Callaway Diablo Edge irons and woods.  Appropriate, no?

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