Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meeting Blogging Friends

This afternoon we met Boris and Natasha. This young (younger than us!) couple began their fulltiming lifestyle about nine months ago after studying blogs and RVing websites for months and since they were in our general area today they stopped by for a visit.  Boris tickled me by mentioning that they build in an excuse for leaving when they meet fellow bloggers in case they don't "gell", which was a shame because we really, really enjoyed talking with them today and would have liked to have spent a few more hours with them just b-s-ing about the RVing lifestyle, places they've been and places they want to go.  And after all, who wouldn't want to spend a lot of time with a stranger (me) who has blogged about going into a spiral of depression after her mother's death?  What a way to spend an afternoon, right?  Denny and I did keep them past their time allotment as it was, so that Natasha missed going to her quilt shop as planned, but they still had to hit the local Wally-World so after a couple of hours we said our good-byes-for-now.  We were sad to see them go, but know that if they are ever again within a few miles of us we'll make a point of catching up with them and spending a few hours together because we owe them a Happy Hour--RV Vagabond style (which means lots of food and alcohol).

So Happy Trails, you two.  You know how to find us--in a non-stalkery way, of course.

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Paul and Mary said...

You two are so funny! We are so happy we got to meet you - live and in person - and see your lovely home. We're just so sorry we didn't allow enough time.

We'll do MUCH better next time!

Safe travels,
Mary and Paul

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