Sunday, April 11, 2010

Photos from Gold Canyon

Our week didn't go as planned due to my multiple visits to the endodontist, errand runs and Denny's unexplainable sprained/sore ankle.  But we were able to enjoy an evening at the Arizona Opry with friends Rene and Barb before Barb had to fly to Oklahoma so at least we had that.

Elvis and mini-Elvis were in the building that night.  That's guitarist Bill Wells and the grandson of the business owners, the Staerkels.  The little one is four years old.

 There's my mountain to the rear of the Beast.  The gravel campsites aren't attractive, but the scenery around them is!

 While I'm not a particular fan of lizards, this guy has the most gorgeous scales when in the sun; metallic green, gold, bronze and silver.  He's about seven inches long and likes to sun himself on the wall behind our trailer.

We've had a golden fronted woodpecker on our hummingbird feeder here and in Ehrenberg.  I have to chase them off before their weight pulls the feeder off the window.

This little guy was actually at our last campground, but wasn't included in any posts, so here he is.

The moon shot is also from Ehrenberg.   I feel lucky to get a halfway decent picture when I'm taking pictures while Patches is tugging on the leash.  The full moon really called for a tripod and some careful focusing but this is what I got.  The sunsets here in Gold Canyon have been disappointing this week since the sky has been clear and cloud-free.  Maybe next time around.

Next week's campground will be a new one for us, although we've been in the Cottonwood area a couple of times already.  I hope to get out to take a lot more pictures there and maybe even do a little geocaching.

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Anonymous said...

Love your pictures Linda! The one of the moon is very nice. Love how the foliage frames it.

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