Friday, May 07, 2010

Catch Up

Today is catch up day since as soon as Denny and I hit Albuquerque we hit the ground running and haven't stopped since.  Denny, Connie and I have one more morning of work tomorrow and then the projects at Connie's house will be done.  Yay!  Today we've taken the day off because we could do no more until the painted boards dried and we didn't want to make two 40 mile round trip jaunts to Connie's since we're driving over there tonight to pick her up to go out to dinner.  And we're even dressing up.  *sound of Denny groaning*

I have a bottle of Gruet Blanc de Noirs Brut chilling in Connie's fridge so we can celebrate the end of the honey-do list with a nice New Mexican sparkling wine.  I thought that would be fun, even though it's not Dom Perignon.  After all, we're RVers, not lottery winners!  We've not managed to get in the sightseeing or golf we thought we'd be able to do this time around but we'll do it the next time we're here.  Denny needed a day to just relax, or rather a part of a day to relax after I dragged him out to the store and he had to wrestle the 40 pound propane tank out of the trailer to get it filled and then wrestle it back into position in its little cubby hole.  Currently he's kicked back in his recliner, ostensibly playing games on the computer but occasionally a string of "zzzzzzs" lightly waft through the air from his direction.  I've done laundry and mopped the floors and given myself a manicure and now it's my time to play on the computer--without the "zzzzzzzs" of course.  Or maybe not..........zzzzzzzz

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Linda in New Mexico said...

Linda: Happy Mother's Day to you as well. We so enjoyed our visit with you..even if Joe wasn't thrilled with his unAmerican tea. I just loved the ease with which we all settled into converssation and guys are amazing. I just love ya'lls vibe. It was a real treat to be with you and look forward to next time we meet up in person. I just have a sense we will.
Give your ZZZZZ monster a hug for us and have a very safe trip to up the road in Raton. I have a friend who was raised in Raton but I have to be honest with you, I don't really know very much about the place. We go through there every time we go to Colo. Springs, where SM grew up and his family still lives and my brother's family lives as well, but never stopped to do anything except get gas.....shame on us. Tell me all about your adventure.
((((hugs))))) until next time my friend.

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