Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Getting There

We were almost finished with the patio cover at Denny's sister's house or so I thought.  But once on the beams, Denny decided he didn't like the raw edges of the sunscreen he stapled down, so now we're going to buy some framing lumber.  Which means I'll be priming and painting more boards so Denny can install them over the edges of the sunscreen fabric which will also secure the fabric better.  Howsomever, I THOUGHT we were done today.  *sigh*

 But we did go from this:

to this: 

which caused Connie's cat Callie to look like this:

but we ended up with this:

I also thought I had finished with the atrium when I had all the beams painted and helped Denny install the new lattice and sunscreen fabric.  But Nooooooo....we had to fabricate a frame to secure that lattice panel and screening so I worked on getting the framing boards primed and painted for that today and we'll get that installed or rather RE-installed tomorrow.  (Is anyone getting the impression that I HATE to re-do something I've done once already?  Okay, good.)
So here is the finished yet still unfinished atrium shot.
Since tomorrow will involve waiting for paint to dry (insert joke here) we won't get it all finished as we had hoped.  Tomorrow afternoon Denny and I have a date to meet a fellow blogger who is not a RVer but a blogging buddy of a blogging buddy.  Yeah, that made sense.  It may turn out that we'll not have all of our projects done until Saturday, because Connie (Denny's sister), Denny and I are going out for a real dress up kind of dinner Friday night as an early celebration of Denny and my 25th anniversary so we're taking the day off from working.  We may even get in a little sightseeing that day since we'll be leaving here on Monday to head to northern New Mexico.  Time flies when you're having fun, ya know and the RV Vagabonds are feeling a bit of hitch-itch.  We're ready for some new scenery and a little more leisure time.  Or maybe a lot more leisure time.  Heh.


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Gloria said...

Hi Linda. I just wanted you to know that your bangle is in the main. That's great work you did there. Have a great weekend.

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