Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why Are You Here?

A mid-level motorhome pulled into the site next to us last night.  The man--in his mid-30s--got out, did the electrical plug in, connected the water hose, put up the sewer hose--the normal chores that come with setting up.  Meanwhile his wife was busy pulling down every shade over every window and pulling the curtains across the windshield and side windows, totally closing off the outside world.  Her husband removed a scooter from a rack at the rear of the motorhome and having apparently forgotten something (probably his cell phone which from that point was permanently attached to his ear) went to the door only to have to knock because his wife HAD LOCKED THE DOOR, locking herself in and him out!  He came back out, tootled off on the scooter, came back and USED HIS KEYS TO GET INTO THE MOTORHOME BECAUSE THE DOOR WAS LOCKED AGAIN with her inside (no doubt quivering with fear).

Lady!  It's broad daylight and you are in a campground.  Do we all look like bandits and rapists and whatnot?  Seriously?  If you are that afraid of being in a strange place and of strangers, then you really need to stay home in your gated community with your security alarms and your barred windows and triple locked doors.  That is so sad.

Even thought at times we've been in some pretty isolated and sometimes dilapidated campgrounds, I have never felt unsafe or scared at a campground or anywhere in our travels.  Perhaps because I expect the best of folks and approach them with a smile and an open manner I get treated the same way in return.  But if I ever become that paranoid about being in a RV, then I'll know it's time to hang up the keys.

And after the husband has now slammed his 150th bin door since 8:30 this morning doing absolutely nothing, I am now ready for them to leave.  It's going to be a long weekend.


SkippyMom said...

We camp in tents - how secure do you think we feel in campgrounds - very! TYVM.

Remember what you said - them's the workin' folk trying to enjoy a lil' Memorial Day weekend fun...heehee...

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

this is the post that brought me to your fun blog! (From that RV Travel website). I swear we've parked next to these people before -- I laughed out loud at your description. Such a sad way to live.

A couple of times we've seen a MH pull in and never ever saw the woman -- until it pulls out the next day and she's sitting in the passenger seat. I guess she hides out (from all us riff-raff) in the back when they're pulling in.

I'm with you -- we've never been afraid in a campsite or RV Park. Wouldn't have wanted to live in a few of them longterm, but never were afraid.

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