Sunday, May 02, 2010

Braun's Construction Work

Not long after we arrived at our campground and got all set up, Denny received a call from his sister Connie who was checking to see that we made it safely.  She suggested we come over to see her new house (and get our "honey do" list), so we did.  It's a cute hacienda-style home, a good size for a single gal and very attractive, but at 30 years old there's always things that need to be done.  

Originally Connie's plan was to remove a few bad boards from the overhead trellis that formed a roof for her patio.  However, a closer inspection showed that we needed to remove all the boards, lattice work and sunscreen that provided shade and cover and replace the whole top section.  And so that's what we've been doing this week. 

You can see the dry rot on the boards.

Half the boards have been removed.  We had to leave the other half to support the framework.

Denny installed a few of the new boards we cut, primed and painted so he could take down the rest of the old boards.

All the old boards and lattice have been removed and more of the new boards have been installed.

While Denny was removing the old roof boards, Connie and I were painting the new ones.  Denny had to fabricate a pair of sawhorses for us out of the old timbers so we wouldn't have to bend over to paint.  We have a regular assembly line going; prime boards, allow them to dry, 2 coats of brown, prime the next set while Denny is installing the newly painted brown boards. 

All of that came to a screeching halt this weekend when the snows came and the temperatures dropped.  Connie's garage is unheated and even though I brought over our space heater, it was too cold to paint.  So we're taking a break this weekend and will start again tomorrow.  In addition to the roof, Denny has also managed to put up new towel bars in the bathroom, leaving me a new job to paint the wall repair he had to make when he discovered a hole behind the old towel bar.  So one job done, a new one created.  Checked off the list is the recalcitrant patio screen door which now slides smoothly (and Denny fixed the patio screen door to the atrium which had the same problem--2 for the price of 1), new carriage bolts in the gate making it more secure and sturdy in addition to adding more screws on the other side to secure that side.  Still to go are painting the shed door (I've got that scraped and primed), paint the overhead wooden beams in the atrium (scraped and primed) and fabricate a new sunscreen covered lattice top for the atrium, and finish the patio roof with the boards, lattice and sunscreen.  

And people wonder why we bought a new fifth wheel and aren't settling down in a house again.  Hmmph. 


Linda in New Mexico said...

Oh my goodness, no wonder we haven't made it out for coffee yet. Yowee, you're gonna need to get back on the road to get some rest.
Thanks for answering my head scratching question on my blog about happiness. I do understand.
Call me if you get a chance. If we can't go out maybe we can just have a phone visit while you are slaving away.
I know you too are glad that Skippy is back home. She said if we got together, we needed to call her.
Only rain this week....maybe no snow. Fingers crossed.

SkippyMom said...

Hi Linda in NM! NMM - you and Denny sure are a big help to his sister and all you have done looks greeat! I love the style.

We will be buying a fixer upper this summer [we went and looked today ;D] so your drive through to the Eastern Shoreboard will be well ::running away now:: kidding/kidding

Gloria said...

Hi Rv. I'm here to let you know that you have one a bangle for being my 100th follower. Congrats! Don't forget to go to my Etsy and see which one you want,copy and email me and I will check to be sure it's still there. If it is gone, please select another. Thank you and congrats!

Gloria said...

Hi Linda. Yes your selection is still available and I have deleted it from Etsy. I will get it out to you as soon as I received the other winner's selection. Take care and enjoy.

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