Sunday, May 16, 2010


There are times an area resonates with you.  This week Denny and I are parked on the Raton (pronounced Rat-tone) Pass at the Cedar Rail RV Park.  As you can see by the pictures below, we pretty much had the campground to ourselves and boy, did we have a 360 view high up on the ridge!  The Sangre de Cristo Mountains sit to the west of us and the campground elevation is at 7888 feet.  Pretty breathtaking--literally!

Between bad weather, a bad tooth for Denny and a check engine light problem that turned out to be a couple of different things going wrong, we didn't get to explore the area as we would have wished.  There are museums in both Raton and Trinidad, Colorado which is only about ten miles north of us here, as well as state parks, the Capulin Volcano and the Sante Fe Trail (which crossed the Raton Pass).  There is history here as well as geological wonders and we will need to return to see more of it.  The townspeople are friendly, the scenery exquisite and the vibes are indescribable.

Yep, we'll be back.

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SkippyMom said...

ooooh - I love the shot of the 5er taken from down below. What a great pic'.

Bet it was reallllllly quiet there. How's the weather now? How's Denny feeling?

Hope all is well and uneventful :D

Love ya!

vert word: scrateb

i got nothing. sorry ;)

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