Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Quiet Albeit Windy Week

If Patches and I take the nature trail up the hill that is behind the Beast, we get a great view of Pike's Peak, which is pretty awesome.
 Our campground is a great base to do the standard tourist things like drive up Pike's Peak, which we did the last time we visited this area in September of 2004.  Which is also why there is very little snow in this picture compared to the amount of snow currently on the mountain.

 Colorado Springs is also home to the the Air Force Academy,which you can tour on foot, although you can no longer tour quite as much since that fateful activity in September of 2001.

Colorado Springs is also home to the wonderful Garden of the Gods.  Unfortunately my photos from that trip were taken with the still camera part of my camcorder which was nowhere near the quality of current day digital cameras.  I had forgotten how bad the pictures were.  Now we'll have to go back!

 Yet another day trip can be the ancient Indian cliff dwellings in Manitou Springs, one of the few places where you can wander around inside the actual cliff dwellings.

Of course, there are mining museums and rodeo cowboy museums and all sorts of other things to do in the Colorado Springs area, along with some very nice golf courses.  This time around, thanks to the weather, we spent a lot of time relaxing and piddling around the Beast.  And that's okay too.

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