Thursday, May 26, 2005

Another reason to play golf

Yesterday we played golf at the Quincy Golf Club in Quincy, WA. The course's condition is a little rough, but they seem to be working on it and Wednesday is 2 for 1 day so we couldn't resist going back for another round. While our golf games were a little off, on hole number ten Denny chipped in a shot from about 50 yards for a birdie. Not only was that a great shot, but it was from behind a tree and he had a penalty shot for hitting the ball into the pond just prior to that shot, so he would have had an eagle otherwise! Strangely enough, he usually manages to chip in a shot at least every other time we play. It's an art!

Sometimes when we go to a new golf course I take my camera if the surrounding area is scenic, just to get some shots to remember the course. Since the area surrounding Quincy is basically farmland I left the camera behind and regretted it; across the road from the golf course was a mother and very young foal and while approaching one of my tee boxes a brace of pheasants took off just in front of me. It's rare to see pheasants these days, so that was a thrill. As we were approaching the next tee box a baby killdeer ran in front of us and stopped for us to admire him; he had all the markings of a killdeer but with a lot of baby fluff still in his feathers. He looked like a miniature, slightly out-of-focus adult killdeer and was the cutest thing we've seen in a long time. Even cuter was Denny sitting there talking to him; my 6'5" man is a softy when it comes to animals! A warm, sunny day on the golf course communing with nature with my best friend; it just doesn't get any better than this!

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Iron Horseman said...

Beautiful pictures! Hopefully, me and Horse will follow you out there next year! I'll put this in my favorites so I can come back and check out the news.
Good Job!
By the way- Denny has made it on the Mousekateers 10 most wanted list!

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