Thursday, May 19, 2005

A note about the maps

Our first year of full time travel started mid-September of 1998 and we immediately headed for Myrtle Beach, SC to unwind at the beach and ended up staying put for three solid months. Selling the house and quitting a job I loved and leaving all our friends and family proved a lot more traumatic than I expected. So three months of walking the shoreline and writing lots of letters and e-mails allowed me to start adjusting to our new lifestyle. While we had given notice at work based on when the house sold, our actual timetable turned out to be 1) the house sold and the new owners took possession in thirty days 2) we had our last big garage sale in that period 3) I quit my job three days before the owners took possession 4) we were to leave the next day but my husband backed the car into the side of the garage causing need for repairs to the garage door frame and the car, so our departure date was delayed for a week. Not an auspicious beginning and certainly a very rushed one! So there wasn't a lot of moving around those final three months of 1998.

I decided the 1998 map was too "busy", so located one more suitable. Then upon Denny's suggestion I tried consolidating three years of travel on one map, but I think that's too confusing. Our routes are circuitous enough!

And finally, you will note a lot of what appears to be backtracking and circling in the states of Arizona, California and Nevada. Well, in 2003 and 2004 we joined a couple of private membership campground organizations and made full use of them. In 2003 and 2004 almost all our stops were at either the member parks or affiliates and as you can see, they have many in the Arizona/southern California area.

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