Monday, May 23, 2005

Blue Jobs and Pink Jobs

Yesterday's post about Denny removing the mouse from the house got me thinking about our "blue jobs and pink jobs". These, of course, are the chores that we have both taken over for our day to day living and for our "breaking camp" routine. For that, Denny does almost all of the exterior chores related to hitching up while I do the interior ones. And it works perfectly well for us. However, we both made sure a long time ago that we each could do the other's jobs in case of injury or illness. In addition, I have driven the rig a few times and backed it into a site once or twice, simply to be able to know that I can do it in an emergency. We have met many, many wives on the road who have admitted there is no way they would attempt to drive their rig, be it a motorhome or fifth wheel or Class C. Neither of us can understand that, as we both know that anything can happen and each spouse needs to be prepared to take over the full range of tasks necessary to pack up and move on in times of trouble.

Following that train of thought, have you ever watched an RVer back into a site while his wife sits in the passenger seat either looking around or just staring straight ahead? My first thought as a wife is that "oh boy, the last time she helped him back into the site he hit something and he reamed her out and she told him she'll never help him back up again!" Been there, done that, even if just for a moment. Usually the man will get the rig in pretty well and then the wife will hop out, often with a dog in tow, and go right inside the rig or walk off to "water" said dog. Perhaps that is their version of blue jobs and pink jobs.

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