Monday, May 30, 2005

Staring at a computer screen

That's how I spent yesterday. Staring at the computer screen. After a nice breakfast at the Country Deli Cafe in Ephrata, WA we came back to the rig where Denny turned on the Indy 500 and I settled in to work on my Geocities web site that I'm creating as practice in the hope that one day I'll switch over to a more professional site. Basically I'm just getting my feet wet to see how a page is created. I was distracted by watching young Danica Patrick come so close to winning the 500.

Once the race was over I returned my attention to the computer as I was attempting to recreate our early travels in 1999. I had kept computer journals of our travels, but between a computer crash and switching to a new computer and forgetting to copy floppies the years between 1998 and 2001 were lost. Major bummer. In the last few years I've started keeping (and dating) our campground brochures, so that I can not only jog my memory about any one particular campground, but I can retrace our route if need be by consulting the brochures. Of course, I didn't start doing that consistently until 2002, so I'm relying on my memory and Denny's to trace our travels in 1999. Not a good thing. We're starting to confuse which leg of which journey we were on which year. Between us, sometimes we come out with half a brain.

So on the floor I had our campground directories (Trailer Life, Escapees, Passport), the Rand McNally atlas, the few campground brochures I had kept, and golf course score cards we had kept (again, not consistently until a couple of years later) trying to remember where we were at any given month of the year in 1999. Thank goodness Denny was glued to the couch watching the races and playing computer games on the laptop or he might have killed himself trying to cross the floor. Add to the frustration that I accidentally deleted an entire page while trying to delete a word and you have one discombobulated woman! At 10 p.m. I finally shut the computer down. After checking the file manager, I have 9 MBs of file space left to use out of 15 and 7 years of travels to document. Hmm, the math doesn't work, does it?

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