Friday, May 27, 2005

Woman from Mundania (with apologies to Piers Anthony)

Yesterday was routine maintenance day. I buzz-cut Denny's hair and while he vacuumed afterward, I swept and mopped the tile floors. Teamwork. Then it was my turn as I had to re-balance the gel overlays on my nails. Once that was done, I went outside for a little sun. Hey, the powers that be now say the Vitamin D prevents cancer!

In the past, when we meet people and tell them of our lifestyle they ask us "where have you been this week?" and they seem disappointed if we haven't gone out every day to locate some new natural wonder. We explain to them that we're not on vacation and therefore we're not out every day "doing" something. Folks on vacation have to take full advantage of a limited amount of time and keep busy every minute, while we are simply retired, which means we have chores and routines to follow like all homeowners and days where we simply stay at home and do nothing. Quite frankly, sometimes we end up in places where there's not a whole lot to see or do, but we've gone there because one of our membership campgrounds is there, or a golf course is near that's part of our Golf Card network so we can play for greatly reduced or halved fees.

I guess that explains why after eight years on the road we're just getting around to visiting the Northwest! We're in Washington for the first time and have yet to explore Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah. In the East, we've missed Vermont, Massachusetts, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland and West Virginia. Whew! We've got a lot of traveling left to do! But then again, that's why we're out here, right?

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