Friday, May 20, 2005

Long distance concerns

My mother and I e-mail each other daily. It was a promise I made to her when we started our full time lifestyle. I also told her that if I don't receive an e-mail from her two days running I'll call her to check on her. It's not that she's aged or infirm, as she's only 72 years old- it's just that she has a tendency to take care of everyone else before she takes care of herself.

The point of all this is that sometimes those e-mails are a two-edged sword. She e-mailed me yesterday to tell me about her newest estate sale, which is a business she developed to supplement her SS. It seems that while untying a trundle bed frame the spring-operated leg swung out suddenly and smacked her in the face causing a huge lump on her forehead and cracking sharply into her cheekbone. She wrote that it hit so hard that it felt like it broke something. So does my darling mother stop and go to Urgent Care or the emergency room? No indeed! Instead she opts for an ice pack and continues working. And here I sit, unable to do anything other than ask that she seriously consider going to a doctor to have herself checked out and knowing she'll do no such thing. The distance between Ohio and Washington never seemed longer.

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