Sunday, May 22, 2005

Of Mice and men

Normally, I'm a live and let live person when it comes to critters; if there's a moth or fly in the house my preferred method of removal is to "shoo" it out the door or a window. But when we discovered a mouse skittering about in our ceiling vent system two years ago, we purchased a mouse trap and got rid of him as quickly as we could, fearing he would eat through the wiring causing possible expensive repairs. Denny, of course, was the one to remove the remains. When this spring we again discovered a mouse in the front storage bin , which is where I keep my sunflower seeds for birds, it was Denny who had to set the trap and get rid of the mouse afterwards. At that time, he once again set the trap in case there were other mice but we forgot about it until yesterday when he discovered a mouse in the trap. And I started thinking, why was I making him do the dirty work? Why do men always have to do the nasty jobs like that and be strong about it? I have a tendency to be a feminist about so many things, but I'll gladly let Denny be the one to deal with mouse corpses. Shame on me, because he's just as tender hearted as I am when it comes to animals. So Denny, the next one's on me.

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