Friday, April 28, 2006

A good meal with good friends

Whew! We're back online and settled in for a few days. Moving down the road every day is not an ideal way to travel but we're on a self-imposed schedule as we're trying to stick with our private member campgrounds as much as possible. That requires longer journeys and some overnighters instead of our standard 'stay two weeks, move 200 miles' routine.

We stopped last night in Livingston, Louisiana which is about 20 miles from Baton Rouge, LA. It had been a few years since we were through this area, so we had emailed friends John and Nancy asking them to name a good restaurant about halfway between their home and our campground so we could meet for dinner before we left town. They chose Don's Seafood Hut, 136 Rushing Rd., Denham, Springs and that was a very good choice.

As the name implies, their menu is heavy on seafood but they did serve steak and a couple of items for kids. Denny had the steak which he said was good, I had the shrimp and fried catfish which was great. Our server was Dustin, pictured above, who provided excellent service in spite of considering ribbing and occasionally being ignored while the five of us (John and Nancy's youngest son, Derek came too) played catch-up. We give Don's Seafood Hut and Dustin a big "thumbs up".

We gabbed for two hours before Derek reminded his parents he had things to do; he's on his way to Farmington, New Mexico to attend the state trooper school and then work as a Fish and Game Warden. Perhaps it won't take as many years to get back this way the next time, but life sometimes manages to throw roadblocks in our path. It's nice to know that your friends are willing to fit you into their plans when you drop into the neighborhood unexpectedly and still welcome you with open arms. Thanks, Nancy and John, and good luck to you, Derek.

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