Friday, April 07, 2006

The search is on

Denny and I decided this week we're going to get a cat. It's time. Years ago we turned our cat, Mouse (she squeaked like a mouse as a kitten) over to my mom as Mouse never cared for traveling. But after seeing so many cats in windows and sitting on dashboards of motorhomes we figure it is time to accept the responsibility of a pet once again. And we'll deal with the logistics of getting said pet home at Christmas later.

We are so ready that when we arrived here in Deming on Monday we had to hit the Wal*Mart for supplies we purchased a litter box, litter, food dish and a cat toy. Now all we need is the cat. Right now we're debating on kitten vs. adult cat. I'm all for adopting a grown cat from the animal shelter while Denny thinks a kitten could be more easily trained to accept riding in a truck. He probably has a point, but I look at the adult cats at the shelter and feel that they are the ones who need a home the most as they already know what it's like to have one.

We did stop in at the local animal shelter to visit with their cats and they had a couple of nice looking females but none of them was particularly loving. This time around I want a cat that actually likes people and laps. No more snotty cats for me. The search will continue next week when we arrive in Rockport, Texas where we'll have a couple of weeks to look around and make that decision of big cat/little cat.

I guess if I wanted love I could have adopted one of the thirty puppies that wiggled and licked and so wanted to come out and play with us, but Denny and I agreed a long time ago that neither one of us was fond of the idea of having to walk a dog in the rain and picking up poop. Plus a dog can't be left alone for long periods of time like a cat can and we sometimes spend the whole day away from the rig doing our geocaching or playing golf or sightseeing. Basically, we're too selfish for a dog and we're comfortable with that. So a cat it will be...or a kitten.

Stay tuned...


Markbnj said...

Just an FYI, I've found that petsmart and petco both partner with local animal shelters (usually for cats and KITTENS)

most likely you could get a free kitten from one of these stores, and train your new kitten the RIGHT way.
BTW, i'd suggest that you also keep a collar on the cat, and keep it's shots up. (I have an indoor cat, and do neither...)

Enjoy your blog, and if you ever make it back east again, let me know when! maybe could meet/have you for dinner... (and I promise to feed you, and NOT eat you for dinner)...

Linda and Denny said...

Aye Mark, there's the rub. As a city person you're assuming we stay in areas that HAVE a Petsmart. Not so! We end up in towns that only have a market, not a grocery store! But both are a good idea. I just figured an animal shelter could use the funds more so than a commercial operation.

Denny has a cousin in Parlin, NJ that we're going to try to visit this summer-is that close? NJ is one of the eastern states we've yet to explore. We'll get there eventually!

Norman said...

Kitten. I vote for a kitten!! Older cats wouldn't be so easy to adapt to a mobile life, and get carsick. Yick!


crallspace said...

The Wal Mart?

I think you are a well-intentioned couple and that's why I will say, do not shop at wal-mart. They perpetrate this disaster of our economy, and YOUR tax dollars go toward their employees' healthcare. Wal-Mart, grossing higher than any other corporation, could certainly cover this, but they are too greedy. This only scratches the surface. For pet supplies, find the local store. If you are in a strange town, ask a local where you can find a pet supplies store... if they say Wal-Mart, ask where else.

Just suggestions. When I reach my "golden years" I want an RV too. Lifelong dream. I just hope that bio-diesel is widely available then.

Linda and Denny said...

Well,the consensus seems to be kitten and I imagine that's the way we'll go to be able to train the little guy/gal to life on the road.

The Wal*Mart thing? I know, there's lots of bad but it also allows our single pension to stretch a lot farther. I also hate to support oil companies for our diesel, but right now it's the only game in town. And we didn't wait for our "golden years" to start RVing, simply because we wanted to experience the lifestyle while we had our health. Life's all about choices, right?

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