Saturday, April 15, 2006


We're beginning to get back into a routine again; water aerobics in the morning for me and a daily walk for Denny and me. We tried a morning walk yesterday to avoid the heat of the day, but this morning I had to box up some stuff I had sold on eBay and get it to the post office so with great trepidation we attempted an afternoon walk today. I say with trepidation because of the blood-sucking mosquitoes here at the park. Fortunately it was quite breezy this afternoon and that kept the mosquitoes at bay because I am a walking, carbon-dioxide emitting mosquito magnet.

This afternoon I took my camera with me because we had seen roseate spoonbills in the small lake in the middle of the campground and I thought perhaps they might have returned to feed today. Since I had my camera, there was no way they were going to be there. However, one of the resident alligators surfaced briefly in the lake and I did get a picture of the black-bellied whistling ducks, which we had never seen before. But I will get a picture of the spoonbills before we leave. I will. This campground is like a small nature preserve, especially now that most of the "winter Texans" have started the trek home/north/east. I'll add more pictures as I get them. For now, here's the local flora and fauna.

Consider this post Saturday's entry. Tomorrow I'm going to be making jewelry.

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