Friday, April 21, 2006

A Missed Photo Op

As I was walking to the adult pool for my solitary morning water aerobics I overheard a couple talking to another gentleman, saying "they must have left the gate open". To my inquiring look, the lady responded by telling me the park's maintenance man had pulled an alligator out of the swimming pool just a few minutes earlier. Dang! What a photo op that would have been, not that I carry my camera with me to the pool.

But just consider how much faster you would exercise with a 'gator in the pool, huh? Almost as fast as I start moving when the lightning starts during a sudden storm. Close, at least.

It's raining now, so no adventures or exploring today. The air is thick enough to cut with a knife which makes me appreciate the dry climate of Arizona even more. Only nine more months and we'll be back there. Sigh.

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