Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Note the dark spot on the left hand side of the picture in the gap of the rocks. That's a picnic table, which gives you an idea of the size of the rocks here. Posted by Picasa


Markbnj said...

OK. I'm hooked. I will now be following your travels, and travails, thru all the golf courses.

Feel free to follow my rants and raves at

Mark in NJ
(let me know when you come east again!)

PS: are you using dial-up, or the remote satelite uplink?

Linda and Denny said...

Welcome, Mark!

I'll be checking you out in a moment! Okay, your blog, that is ;-)

We're starting our slow trek east now, but we only move once a week or so. When you're retired, there's no rush.

We use DirecWay satellite service for our Internet connection as trying to find modem hookups in campgrounds is an iffy proposition at best. Many are finally adding Tengo Wi-Fi service but that can be even more pricey that subscribing to DirecWay.

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