Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Some Last Minute Geocaching

Yesterday I had some sort of stomach bug so we stayed close to the rig for the day. Having had enough of that I printed off a few geocache locations along the way to Port Aransas and hauled Denny out the door.

Fortunately for the sake of marital harmony there was little walking involved in locating the four caches we set out to find. There was a fifth one on my list, but double checking the instructions I noticed the mention of lots of mosquitoes and possibly snakes so that ended our excursion for the day. Denny abhors snakes. I abhor mosquitoes. No brainer.

We ended up taking the free ferry at the northern end of Port Aransas. Several years ago we came up from Harlingen to visit friends staying in the area, but their campground was at the southern end and we really didn't explore the area and we weren't aware of the ferry service. As we crossed the bay I was trying to figure out how the deck hands knew how many cars to put on one side of the ferry boat when they had a semi-trailer rig on the other side or if there was even a need to balance the weight. And if not, why not? Time to hit "Ask Jeeves" I guess. We did chat with one of the deck hands for a while after he made a face when asked by a giggling young couple if he'd take a picture of them standing on the ferry. After talking in general about the job and the fact that the job had nice pension and health care benefits he mentioned that the deck hands can also train to be pilots which would be about a $2000 a month raise in pay. Three of the current pilots are considering retirement so he was hoping to get a shot at one of the three positions available. We wished him luck and went on our merry way.

Tomorrow we head out to Alabama. We'll spend one more night in Texas near Winnie, one night about 20 miles east of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and then we'll be in Alabama for a few days. Looking for that kitten with the southern drawl...err, mewl. So no blogging again until Friday late. Safe travels, ya'll.

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Norman said...

I used to date a guy from Winnie. if you pass by "Devillier Loop" on your way through - blow him a kiss from me!

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