Saturday, August 18, 2007

Is It A Conspiracy Or Is It Just Me?

On Monday I ordered a new Dell computer. Not that our other computer was all that old, or insufficient for our needs, but my mother's computer had bogged down (probably from the heavy nicotine dose it gets daily) so I told her I'd sell her our computer cheap if she wanted. She wanted (even non-nerds get frustrated by slow computers), so Dell got my business. The Dell arrived at the campground at 11:50 Wednesday morning (free shipping/5% Good Sam Club discount--yay!) so for the last two days I've been transferring/uploading/downloading/cussing/etc. Microsoft's Vista program is different, to say the least. If you ever watch the Microsoft/Mac commercials and have seen the one where the Microsoft guy has a man standing behind him asking permission to act, well, that's pretty darned accurate (and funny). Vista is definitely going to take some getting used to.

Most of my applications transferred well and work seamlessly so far. The transfer of files was time consuming but doable with a very nice Vista files transfer system. The biggest problem turned out to be that my HP All-in-one printer software does not work with Vista and HP apparently has no intention of creating a fix so the software will work with Vista. HP's suggestion for a solution? BUY A NEW PRINTER! Okay fine, today we went out and bought a new printer and you can bet that it wasn't a HP printer. Pbbbhhhhtttt!! The printer has to be shipped also, but should be here Tuesday or so, which means I can use the next couple of days to get our old computer over to my mom's house and get it set up and everything transferred out of her old computer. Perhaps by Wednesday my eyes will uncross.

And this WILL be our last computer. If a statement is posted on a blog, that makes it official, right?


Soulknitting said...

Last computer???? Fat chance. We'll still be wasting HOURS away transferring files and setting stuff up on them for the next 20 years at least. Last computer. THAT gave me a good snort! REAALY sorry to have read about the tomatoes not making it. They would have been lovely I'm sure.

Coll said...

I can't seem to help myself. My current computer is only 2 years old and I am already contemplating my next one.. which will be a lap top and wireless. When will it end!!!

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