Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lazy Sunday Scene(s) From Our Windows

Looking out the window of my FIL's hospital room this week, all you could see was the blank brick wall of the next wing over. It's bad enough that you are stuck in a hospital bed but it's worse that there's no view to see out those windows. It made me realize how fortunate Denny and I are that we have something new to see every week or two. Sometimes the view isn't real exciting, but sometimes what's out there is stunning.

So this week's pictures are what I photographed from our campsite or from on the grounds of the campgrounds where we've stayed during our travels. In a few short weeks we'll be on the road again and taking more pictures. Whee!

On our last stay at St. David's Resort in St. David, Arizona, Denny and I had a camp site on the rear loop of the campground. It meant a long walk to the swimming pool, but in return we had a gorgeous view of the neighboring mountains.

While we werent' THIS close to the Crazy Horse Memorial, our campsite at the Heritage Village Campground in Custer, South Dakota allowed us to watch the explosions of rock removal from the memorial at a distance. Each morning I sat with my cup of coffee and watched the rising sun paint the face of Crazy Horse with sunlight.

Our site was just a short walk to the rocky beach at Mackinaw Mill Campground in Mackinaw City, Michigan. Denny and I would watch the ferries taking tourists to Mackinac Island and at night we'd sit and watch the lights of the Mackinac Bridge

The Rocky Comfort Plantation Campground in Warrenton, Georgia was the emptiest campground we've ever stayed at. We were here for the week of Thanksgiving and it was one of the best weeks we've had in our travels. It was quiet and peaceful and oh-so-dark at night and we were the only ones there for the entire week.

The full moon rising over the beach at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We always stayed at Pirateland at the south end of town because they had the largest campsites and the best views of the beach from the oceanfront sites.

Even though there was a busy roadway nearby, sitting outside in the evening at River Country Campground in Gadsden, Alabama was incredibly peaceful, especially when you had a gorgeous sunset to watch. In late November the campground puts up a huge display of lighted Christmas scenes and hundreds of lights that you can drive around the park to see. This campground had Wi-Fi before most people knew what Wi-fi was.

One of our favorite campgrounds is also one of the tiniest--Playa del Rio in Perido Key, Florida. At the north end of the campground was the boat docks on the Old River where you could watch dolphins play (it was also part of the Intracoastal Waterway) and crossing the two-lane roadway at the south of the campground led you to the beach on the Gulf of Mexico. It just doesn't get any better than that.

This is Patches' favorite campground--Colorado River Oasis in Ehrenberg, Arizona. We back our rig up to the Colorado River, hang out the hummingbird feeder and do nothing but relax and gaze at the river for two weeks. There are birds and boats and the occasional fox, bats and fishermen and sunsets galore.

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Coll said...

Amazing photos of so many different places. What an adventure you are living.

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