Friday, August 03, 2007

Puddling Around

Thank goodness for air conditioning, because otherwise Denny and I would just be puddles of perspiration. Yesterday was chore day in Cincinnati, where we discovered that the deer had left the garden alone for the last few days (new Caress soap left around the perimeter or the stinky coyote urine stuff, one of the two). To distract my FIL from the idea of shooting the deer (now THAT'S an accident waiting to happen) Denny installed a bird feeder near the driveway so FIL could sit looking out the picture window and watch the cardinals and chickadees. I hope that works because once FIL gets an idea stuck in his head he's as stubborn as they come.

There are about six tomatoes ripening on the window sill of my FIL's house and we snuck one out of the garden to ripen at our place. The old saw about the full moon causing the tomatoes to ripen wasn't quite on track, but it's been a weird summer, weather-wise.

The Braun family reunion is this weekend and our oldest son, Steve is coming in from New York with his wife and our granddaughters. It will be a raucious meeting of a gazillion Brauns with lots of food, talk and laughter. And sweat. Lots and lots of sweat. Next year I'm holding out for having the reunion somewhere in the northern climes of Canada--it's GOT to be cooler there. Right, Coll?

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Coll said...

hehehe.. I wish it were so. It has been hot, hot, hot here also. But today is actually overcast and there is a cool breeze. The dogs and I just got back from a long walk.. and the coolness was heavenly.

My tomatoes are just starting to redden. I just couldn't wait and had to pick one yesterday that was the reddest of the bunch. I actually cut it to have a taste.. big mistake. It just wasn't ready. Maybe by next week.

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