Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Visions of What Used to Be

The title of this blog is a line from a very old song called Beautiful Ohio, which was well before my time, but I one that I learned because I grew up in a household where there was always a player piano in one form or another in our dining room. Since player pianos were big in the 20s and 30s, that's the era of the songs I learned as a child.

The song Beautiful Ohio was adopted as Ohio's state song in 1969, but they
the lyrics
to modernize it and to my way of thinking, ruined it.Hmph. Anyway, back to the blog.

Yesterday the cottonwood leaves fell like rain upon our roof. The lack of rain is really affecting the vegetation around here, making it seem like fall. Knowing
that we'll be leaving once the not-so-good crop of tomatoes is finished for the season, I have started to plot the route we'll take once we leave Ohio. I've managed to make use of most of our membership park affiliations to conserve funds, because we've decided to splurge on a month's stay at Myrtle Beach. It's been a few years since we've been there andPirateland Campground at the south end of town was our first stop when we officially hit the road as full-timers all those years ago. This year we'll stay at Lakewood RV Park instead, since the prices are better. Beachfront campgrounds are few and far between anymore and prices have gone up accordingly. But I have to admit, there's nothing more relaxing than sitting on the sand with a mug of coffee in hand, watching the surf roll in as the sun rises, so we're going to pay the

Because there will be only a few weeks between when we leave and when we return to Ohio for the Christmas holidays, Denny and I will only stay a week at each campground . This will be reminiscent of our first few years of travel, since now it's our habit to stay two weeks at a time when we're using the member parks system. Patches will
probably be unhappy, because she's gotten used to staying in one place and hasn't ridden in the truck for a while. When we do toss her in, she cries and complains for quite a few miles before she settles down for her nap. It will be a change for all of us. I know that Denny and I are ready to return to the lifestyle we love.

In the meantime, today is garden and lawn maintenance day in Cinci. Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to work we go...

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Coll said...

I have heard so much about Myrtle Beach but have never been there. I will be looking forward to the stories and pictures.

I am fulfilling my wanderlust through you, you know. :-)

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