Sunday, August 05, 2007

Lazy Sunday Week in Review

It's the Braun family reunion weekend. There is the usual babble of Brauns, what seems to be hundreds of young children and a few crying babies. The menu is simple; grilled hamburgers, chicken breasts, bratwurst, hot dogs and corn on the cob and lots of it. The beer flows freely as did the sweat, because it was a miserably hot and humid day with the same forecast for today. Fortunately, as part of my grandma duties I got to sit with my feet in the swimming pool while I played with our youngest granddaughter which kept me from ending up as a puddle of sweat on the concrete. Small favors. Today it's our part of the family's turn to handle grilling chores for an hour so I'm hoping that the "scattered thundershowers" predicted for today at least provide some cloud cover relief from the sun while we roast along with the food. I'm thinking we should take a vote for changing the annual "do" to June--it's got to be cooler then!

Due to the heat, when we weren't doing lawn and garden chores, we were just veggin' out inside in air conditioned comfort, so the pictures I took this week were of what I saw while walking Patches in the evening. Hitch itch is starting to set in, folks. Seriously. It's time to get on the road!!! Two more months. *Pathetic sigh*.

Tall bellflowers wave in the breeze along the creek bed here at the campground and provide the lone color along the banks.

This rather tattered and worn Red Admiral butterfly escaped Patches' attention (and tendency to eat what she traps between her paws) so he lived to fly another day.

I'm still working on getting a good picture of some of the many spider webs that I discover in my walks with Patches. I believe this spider to be the Micrathena sagittata or Arrowhead Micrathena, but it was too high in the tree for me to get a good look.

You have to look closely to spot the wild strawberries growing in the weeds at the back of the campground (Patches' favorite wandering spot as there as feral cats back there).

I hated cicada shells as a child as my dad would use them to chase us. Scary looking things that are uglier than the real insect, this one was hanging from the twine that surrounds Denny's father's garden.

Our youngest granddaughter, Kara, in a quiet moment. Very rare.

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Coll said...

I envy you for your family reunion weekend. My sisters and their families are stretched across Canada.. from one end to the other. How I would love to get us all together with all of our kids at the same time. Burgers and Beer would be perfect. :-)

I always enjoy the photos from your and Patch's strolls. I have even started to look for spider webs of my own to snap.. haven't found any that match yours yet. :-)

Kara is too adorable!

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