Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Too Many Tools

Once again my mother and her partner have accepted a sale, however this time, as a favor to a friend, it is simply a garage sale. A two car garage sale of nothing but tools and fishing equipment. A man's idea of paradise. Boring!

So for two days I've been writing down lists of what type of tools are there along with their model numbers and what the brand names are on the fishing reels (there are over one hundred of them) and oh my gosh I haven't even started on the fishing rods. After that, I got online and started trying to get an idea of prices for all that stuff. By Tuesday night my eyes were crossing and my nether region was sore from sitting in front of the computer. Good thing Denny and I have to attend a meeting about changes in our health insurance plan (probably not good news, either) today, simply as a distraction. Then tomorrow I'll be back at it with D & D (my mother and her cohort in crime) wondering what one man could have done with six circular saws, eight hand drills and one hundred fishing poles.

I'm leaving instructions for my kids to put me away if I fall prey to the "if one is good, eight is better" bug.

Oh, the picture above is apropos nothing in this blog. The bug "tents" in the tree simply caught my eye while walking Patches.

1 comment:

Coll said...

Just where and when is that garage sale. The men in my life would like to know. :-)

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