Saturday, September 01, 2007

September Song

The picture above was the last time my father-in-law made it out to the garden. He's using a walker now, and the yard is too bumpy to navigate safely. Yesterday Denny and I cleaned out most of the garden after Denny dug up the potatoes. The lettuce had bolted and the tomatoes were kaput. The green peppers and the pimentos are going strong, but Denny's sister can handle picking those while we're gone.

Denny and I have decided to head out a week early. Next week we'll help with my mother's sale, do one last round of yard work/lawn mowing and last minute chores and then we're going to head up to Delaware, Ohio for a last visit with Darb and his wife, Net. A week up there, a week in Port Clinton, Ohio and then it's off to see the grandkids in New York.

Now that September is here, we wonder where the summer went. While we certainly won't miss the heat of Ohio, we will miss our family once we leave. We'll return in October so my mom can "cat sit" for us when Denny and I fly to California for Denny's induction in the Police Softball Hall of Fame, and once again in December for Christmas. Right now the plans are to return to Ohio in the spring to once again plant a garden for Denny's dad. We're hoping he hangs on for that.

The lure of the road is calling and this time we're going to answer.

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Coll said...

I too am finding it hard to believe that September is already here. "Where did the summer go?" is the phrase that seems to be on everyones lips. I love the picture of Denny's dad in the garden. My heart goes out to him. It is not easy getting old and having to give up activities that have always defined you.
I love how you have so many plans for the coming fall and winter. So much to look forward to.

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