Sunday, September 16, 2007

More Critters on a Lazy Sunday

Brr. It's a good thing Denny pulled a lot of the plants from his dad's garden because we have a frost warning this morning. Here at the park the temperature is 39 degrees--quite a change from the past few weeks. It's a good thing I nagged suggested to Denny that he install the register vent in the kick plate of the couch so we could turn on the furnace and use the register. I pity the poor tent campers who moved in all around us this weekend, probably for the Delaware County Fair. They had a cold night last night! See, Denny and I don't "camp"--no shivering around campfires, no icy morning walks to the bath house, no huddled in sleeping bags for us. We live comfortably in our fifth wheel, using campgrounds while we explore the country. It ain't camping, though.

Before everyone arrived this weekend, we did have a couple of visitors. The rest of the Lazy Sunday pictures are of critters seen in our travels over the past few years.

Early one morning this week we happened to look out the rear window to see a pair of fawns feeding behind our trailer. The pictures aren't the best due to the glare on the windows--the little guys were spooked when I tried to open a window for a better shot.

The two of them still had a few white spots remaining on their coats.

I was kind of glad I couldn't see the spider that built this web--it is about 18 inches in diameter, so I'm sure its owner is pretty sizeable. The morning sunlight and dew did create a nice picture though.

Although we didn't stay at any of the campgrounds at Custer State Park in South Dakota, those that did had morning visitors every day--these young big horn sheep.

Someday, it'll be ME up on one of those horses riding peacefully along the beach. Cantering along in the surf would be so exhilarating! Wait, those two statements contradict each other. Oh well.

At Myrtle Beach we called these shore birds "peeps" because of the sound they made as they raced to get out of your way on the beach. This one at St. Augustine is possibly a dunlin. Or a young curlew sandpiper. Or something.

This is a black-bellied whistling duck that liked to sun himself at our campground in Rockport, Texas. And no, the one-legged look wasn't from the alligators that lived in the same pond--this little guy was sleeping comfortably with his leg tucked up until I snuck up to take his picture.

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Coll said...

Your idea of camping sounds like my idea of camping. "No more tents for me," I have been heard to mutter, more than once over the past couple of years. :-)

Love all the critter photos!

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