Monday, September 24, 2007

Not The Best Day

Do you know how far a 32 ounce jar of marinara sauce can spread when it falls off a shelf 4 feet off the floor while traveling? I found sauce on the wall 6 feet off the floor, on the door, the carpet, the refrigerator and everywhere. Actually, Denny discovered it when we made a pit stop for a bathroom break. He opened the door to the trailer and discovered a huge mess at the door, since the pantry is right at the entrance to our trailer. We did some basic clean up, picking up the glass, then continued on our way since we had another hour and a half to drive. That was a lot of fun to clean up before I could even bring the cat in from the truck. Yuck.

That just set the tone for the rest of the afternoon. Denny couldn't get the twin signals to come in on the DISH TV system--he could get one or the other but not both. We took a break for dinner (that's how long we worked on the stupid satellite system) and then set up the Internet satellite (that took 5 minutes, go figure). Once that was online we were ready to gird our loins for the DISH system again. I reset the skew on the dish and let Denny put the cables back on and voila', we had the signals. I think stepping away from it, having dinner and a stiff drink might have helped. It sure didn't hurt, heh.

So I learned not to accept gifts of marinara sauce, oops, I mean I learned to double check cupboard doors before traveling (although I think it was more the hard stop Denny had to make at a traffic light--shhhh), and when all else fails, step away from the problem, get some food and drink in your system and try again.

Heroes and Dancing with the Stars is premiering tonight--we HAD to get the TV up and running! Priorities.


Coll said...

OMG.. I can just imagine opening the door to see sauce everywhere. You may be finding little spots of it for months. :-)

I took my supper break at work just in time to catch a little of "Dancing with the Stars". I hope you were able to tune in. It looks like it will be a great season.

Soulknitting said...

Wow. That just sucks. Red sauce everywhere!!! Sucks.

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