Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Quiet Day

Denny and I spent a quiet day at home observing Patches. The new vet had just jabbed her randomly with the three vaccinations yesterday since she appeared to be afraid of our growling, hissing beast (hmm, I wonder why?) instead of the carefully placed shots done by our normal vet. I am not pleased with this lady, to say the least. Patches has been very lethargic and even "missed" the litter box today which is very unlike her. We'll be keeping a close watch there.

My mother informed me today that since the weather forecast is for scattered thunderstorms over the weekend that the tool/fishing equipment sale has been canceled by the owner. Not much that my mom can do about that, so Denny and I won't be able to help her the following weekend since we'll have moved on by then.

Denny's sister has asked us to take their dad to his first radiation treatment on Friday since we're going down to handle the yard work. Fair enough, since the onus of care will be on her once we leave. Denny's step-mother has been scheduled for knee replacement therapy--everything is going to happen now that we're leaving, apparently.

Tomorrow we'll wash the rig to get the tree sap and spider webs off and start to put things away in preparation for our move. We will be helping my mother tomorrow evening with a special "preview" on the tool sale, and she and I are going to try to get over to see my favorite niece's new baby girl this weekend if we can work that out. Time seems to suddenly compress when it's time to leave and last minute things pop into the schedule making everything seem rushed and helter-skelter.

This leave-taking won't see us having completed everything we wished to accomplish this summer. That's unusual for Denny and I, but we'll give it another try next summer. The lure of the road is just too strong.

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Coll said...

How is Patches? .. feeling better I hope.

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