Sunday, September 02, 2007

More Scene(s) from our Windows on Lazy Sunday

Writing about what we've seen from the windows of our rv last week brought back such wonderful memories of some of the campgrounds where we've stayed that I decided to do more of them this Lazy Sunday. One more week here and then we move a whole two hour drive away, but it will be in an area new to us and that's all that's important.

The Tom Sawyer RV Park in W. Memphis, Arkansas has riverfront sites (that would be the Mississippi River, of course) that allows you to sit back and watch the barges move goods up and down river. You can almost see Huck on his raft paddling downstream.

RV Park on the Lake. What an appropriate name for this campground! We backed right up to the edge of Lake Conroe in Conroe, Texas and watched our neighbors pull fish after fish out of the lake. As we were pulling out of the campground a bald eagle soared overhead. Truly a peaceful place to be.

Red Rock State Park campground just east of Gallup, New Mexico is one of those places we've promised ourselves that we'll return to. Lovely rock formations are an easy walk away, there's convenient shopping not too far away as well as a decent golf course. How could we not go back?

I have to admit, our first night at the Seagull Campground and Marina in Twin Rivers, Wisconsin we were a bit upset at all the fishermen putting their boats into the water at 4:30AM, but the views from the campground (on the other side was Lake Michigan)were worth it. We would walk out of the campground, walk across the bridge to the town center where we'd find farmers' markets, evening concerts on the green, interesting town museums and very friendly folks (and the ice cream store that claims the first "sunday/sundae" honors)

Our private membership park outside of Hurricane, Utah affords us views like this when enjoying morning water aerobics. See why we travel?

This is what we see immediately outside our window when we're in Arizona--a Costa hummingbird. Hummers can provide us with hours of entertainment even if the scenery outside is only the side of the rig next to us.

You knew there had to be a sunset, right? Our first (and so far only) trip to our private member park west of Gunnison, Colorado was absolutely perfect in our minds--it was mid-September, the temperatures were ideal, the golden aspens were starting to change color, we had a dusting of snow and we discovered the Black Canyon of the Gunnisons National Park. It just doesn't get any better than that.

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