Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lazy Sunday Wandering Our Campground

It's been a peaceful, relaxing week here in Port Clinton. Somehow, just being in the area of water (you can smell the lake early in the morning when it is breezy) loosens the tensions and allows you to laze without guilt.

We're back to walking in the mornings after breakfast and it feels good. Denny stiffens up quite a bit the first few days, so we're going slow, but at least we're moving. I try to take the camera along and this week I've gotten a few photos that I like.

Erie Islands Resort not only has a campground, but they rent cabins and have a nice hotel on the grounds also. The outdoor pool has been drained for the season, but the indoor pool is open year-round. This is a lovely place for a weekend or a week-long stay.

There's an 18 hole golf course about seven miles down the road that has a great senior rate, but if you just want to work on your short game, the resort has a nine-hole executive course. You can see the campground in the background of the photo.

A tiny bit of fall color.

Because we are only a half-mile from the Portage River and a few miles from Lake Erie, there is a lot of dew on the ground in the morning. The spider webs are everywhere and whatever type of spider weaves its web on this bush puts quite a bit of work into it.

I've learned to look down when walking, thanks to walking the cat, and thus I discovered this inch and half wide spider web in the grass, sparkling like diamonds in the sunlight.

Note: Stupid Blogger won't allow me to add any more pictures today. So this is short two pix. Stupid Blogger.
2nd Note: It's fixed. I still hate Blogger.

Does this picture not remind you of the Tunnel of Love swans from the old cartoons? I think I'm dating myself here.

It wouldn't be Lazy Sunday without a sunset. Day is done, gone the sun...


Coll said...

Love the photos. I'm so glad Blogger finally decided to cooperate.

Soulknitting said...

Blogger, Picasa and Google. Can't live with them and can't shoot them. Phhttttthhhhhpttttt.

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