Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Countdown Has Begun

Today was clean up day at my mother's house. I'd been wanting to wash all the mini-blinds (she's a heavy smoker who gets cold when windows are opened) and windows before we left town so today was the day. Denny and I got most of it done by lunchtime, so we took a break for lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Once there the manager (who has become a friend) told us about our new waitress, who was originally from Tibet but hasn't been home in nine years due to fleeing the country over political reasons. The lady studied for years with the Dalai Lama and was given a special name by him. It seems she finally was able to have the American Embassy intercede on her behalf and will be traveling home next Monday, so we're trying to make plans to get together with Lin and Rangi (I couldn't interpret the rest of her name) on Sunday for a big food fest/going away get-together. If Denny and I can get away from my mother's tool/fishing equipment sale in time, that is. Lots of last minute busy-ness.

We also took Patches in for her check up and vaccination updates, where she met the new veterinarian and turned into the cat from hell. I guess Patches remembers being at the vet office last year when she was spayed and hasn't forgiven the staff there so she was NOT interested in being touched, given shots or having her teeth looked at. There was much hissing, showing of claws and teeth and growling--truly an impressive display of caterwauling nastiness. As soon as Denny took Patches out to the truck she was fine and we were forgiven for exposing her to nasty strangers who stuck her with three separate needles. Thank goodness that's over with for another year.

Trailer maintenance tomorrow (the tires have already been checked and filled), a preview of the tool sale Thursday evening, a day in Cincinnati for lawn maintenance on Friday, the tool sale on Saturday and Sunday and then, then, then....we're out of here! Woot!


Anonymous said...

Is the fishing rod sale in Kettering?

Hope the cat is fine.

Linda and Denny said...

The cat is indeed fine and very feisty. The sale is actually going to be in Moraine, near Stroop and S. Dixie if you're familiar with the area. It'll be advertised in the Dayton Daily News (ha, anonymous commenters don't get more than that!)

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