Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vista Compliant My Foot!

Our new printer arrived and I spent the morning (what plug and play?) trying to make it work, since "Vista compliant" on the website does not mean Vista compliant out of the box. There was more swearing and back-and-forthing on the printer company website and error messages from Vista. Vista tries to be helpful, popping up messages asking if you want Vista to try to fix the problem/find the driver/sooth your soul and then telling you it can't do anything about it. Sheesh. But finally I found all the proper fixes and drivers and software updates and the new printer is attached and apparently fully functional. It's hard to tell if the fax function works since campgrounds tend not to have telephone lines run directly to your site. But someday, if we ever have a house and a landline phone again, we can send faxes. Cool.

Denny's dad is still in the hospital as he's still having problems with bleeding from his bladder. But he's comfortable and spending a lot of time sleeping so things are okay there. Cincinnati hasn't gotten enough rain to worry about cutting the grass down at dad's place and there really aren't any tomatoes to pick, so we're staying up here at the campground. The heat indexes for the rest of the week are between 100 and 105 degrees, so Denny and I are staying inside for the most part.

We're currently busy making plans to fly to Palm Springs in October for Denny's induction into the Police Softball Hall of Fame. It's WAY too far to drive the rig for three days just to turn around to be back in Ohio for Christmas. Plus I have my reservation in for a month of lazing at the beach in Myrtle Beach in November and I'm not giving that up! It may be warm, it may be cold there at that time, but it'll be the ocean and that's all that matters. I have to say, we are just chomping at the bit to get back on the road, even if we're going to some familiar places. We'll have to head to New York to see the grandkids--that's mandatory. But there will be a few new places and lots of new photo opportunities and new campgrounds for Patches to explore.

I believe I'm ready to go.


Coll said...

So how are you finding Vista as an operating system. Do you feel it would be worth the upgrade from Windows XP?
Glad to hear that Denny's dad is comfortable.

Soulknitting said...

HATE having to work new systems. TAKES DAYS of our lives, doesn't it?? Good luck.

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