Sunday, February 15, 2009

Going from Bad to Worse

Last night my mother started having severe stomach pains and she had a slight fever. She refused to go to the hospital and spent all evening as well as the night on the couch. This morning the pain has lessened, the fever is down but she's still not right. The back pain is still there, but at least she has some color to her face this morning. I look at her and think, "what next?"

On a different note, so far the only pictures I've taken with the new camera have been of items I'm putting on eBay for my mother. The weather has returned to its typical winter dreariness and there's no color in my world right now. Years ago as a surprise for my father, Denny and I secretly planted a ton of crocus bulbs all over the front yard. In the spring they popped up and looked wonderful peeking up through the snow, but the squirrels discovered the bulbs and the following year there wasn't a crocus to be found. I would love to see a crocus right now--I need a photo op.

And a mother who feels better.

2 comments: said...

I am so sorry to hear this about your mom. So much stress with all of this.

I say... take your new camera.. and just walk out the door... unless there are gale force winds or rain... and look for colour... it is there. The exciting thing about photography is that it makes you look at the world through new eyes.

SkippyMom said...

My mother is absolutely this stubborn too about going to the hospital - it is because she can't smoke/drink while there, right? sigh....Sometimes we have barely gotten her to the emergency room until Pooldad [my husband] forced her...I know it wasn't the case [of death] this time, but I know how debilitating it is to you and your husband to know she needs to go, but won't. I am sorry and know exactly how it feels.

I completely agree with simplycol - grab it and go outside...even if the color you find is a nicely painted car or a set of pretty shutters on a house, I bet you find something. And we miss pictures :).

Take care and email me if you need anything.

Thinking of you and sending good thoughts.

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