Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More of the Same

The last two days have been quiet here. Denny spent most of yesterday putting in a new cat door to replace the one that Patches broke when I accidentally shut her out. Naturally, the tools he needed to do the job properly were missing so the installation took four times longer than it should have and involved a lot more work. Me? I spent the day researching the items I was going to put on eBay for my mom, since she's still suffering intense pain from muscle spasms in her upper back. Unfortunately, she's self-medicating with booze and sleep, so I've had to try to come up with appropriate prices on her items by myself (she does have good antiques).

We're due for heavy rains and high winds gusting up to 65 mph today so I'm crossing my fingers that we don't lose power here. Obviously this will be a good day for housework or starting the massive job of clearing out the basement. *heavy sigh* Our favorite campground in Myrtle Beach sent us a flyer yesterday advertising their camping specials--which is a cruel thing to do at this point in our lives! The goal is to either get my mother back into a physical condition where she can take care of herself or have her settled into some sort of group housing where she can be monitored by this fall. A lot of it is up to her and I don't think she's all that interested in living right now.

In the meantime, we just keep on keepin' on.

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Anonymous said...

This grey time of year never makes it easy. All the extra stuff only makes is harder. ((hugs))

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