Friday, February 06, 2009

Sad Times

In the last year Denny and I have attended a lot of funerals. It's weird to realize you are at that age where friends and family members are beginning to succumb to illness and the accumulation of years. What is worse, however, is when you have to attend the funeral of a child of a friend, even if the child is a young adult. As Denny's father once said, "no one should outlive their child".

I don't know of anyone who is comfortable in the presence of death and I, for one, am never sure of the "right" thing to say. I can only hope that by being there Denny and I express our support, affection and sorrow at the pain our friends are suffering. I can never find the words, but they are there.

1 comment: said...

I can not imagine the pain at losing a child.. how terribly sad and heart breaking. I do believe that being there is what really matters. That and the simple words.. I am sorry for your loss.

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