Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Walk Around The Campground

Spring has finally arrived and I for one was more than ready for it. Denny and I took advantage of the sunshine yesterday and today to start exploring our campground as this is our first visit here. So far the only drawback is lack of clear cellular phone coverage, but then again, maybe that's not such a bad thing.

My friend Vicki always does a picture that she calls "the view from our front door" when they arrive at a new campsite. The picture below is actually what I see looking out our rear living room window of the trailer. The air is crisp and clear here--the Midwestern heat and humidity of summer has yet to arrive to blur the edges of the scenery.

Most of the private membership campgrounds have cabins available to rent to members and their family and these have a nice view of a channel off the main lake.

If there is a lake or pond on the grounds, then there will be Canada geese. Not all of them return to Canada, Coll! This pair was watchful, but not too concerned by my proximity.

Walking near a covered pavilion near the clubhouse I noticed a robin on a picnic table with a worm, so I assumed there was a nest nearby. Checking the rafters of the pavilion, instead of robins I saw this mourning dove on her nest.

Knowing that the robin was there for a reason, I continued to scan the rafters and found the robin's nest and three impatient little robins awaiting that worm.

Even past its prime, a pink dogwood tree is beautiful.

I'm still learning the new camera--what appears clear in the viewfinder doesn't always come through as a sharp image on the computer. More practice is required. But dandelion fluff is always fun--how tempting it was to pick the stem and blow the seeds away.

A Happy Mother's Day to all. Love you Mom.

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