Friday, May 22, 2009

Hot and Grumpy

I've been spinning my wheels a bit this week, trying to put things on eBay for the estate. I did get ten items online, but it's a laborious process when you have to research to see what it is you have and what it might be worth and if it would do better locally with a dealer rather than online. And there are still piles and piles of things to sort through.

So once we arrived back at our trailer for the holiday weekend (and boy, we should have gone to Mom's house for the weekend and stayed at the campground during the week) I decided that I'm going to concentrate on setting table up at the house and getting "stuff" out to have the estate sale instead of trying to do research, gather items together all while washing walls so Denny can paint and trying to clear out a room at a time for said washing and painting. It's time to gather some help so we can have the estate sale so Mom's stuff can find a good home and so that I can arrange with the carpet installers and kitchen counter top installers and floor refinishers to come in and do their jobs. There's way too much here for Denny and I to be able to get the sale set up by ourselves. Summer is fast approaching and it's time to focus on one thing at a time instead of going off in six different directions at once. That is my pep talk to myself. Now we'll see how it goes.

This weekend we're seeing the "occasional" campers; those who don't know the unspoken although sometimes written rules of camping. One is; don't drive above 5 mph on a gravel roadway within the campground due to the great amount of dust stirred up by higher speeds. Another is; teach your children (and yourself while you're at it) to respect the boundaries of other people's campsite--you don't cut across campsites en route to your destination. Third; if you are planning on leaving at 5:30 in the morning, back your truck up to your rig the night before and don't turn on your rattletrap truck until you are ready to hitch up and leave.

Hmm, I think a nice glass of a 2004 Shiraz Grenache is called for at the moment--I seem to be a tad wound up tonight.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, Happy Anniversary Darb and Net and safe travels this weekend everyone.

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SkippyMom said...

We are going [tent] camping tomorrow night and as much as I love it - I am dreading the occasional campers that don't know the rules.

The reason we didn't head out tonight, you ask? Bless their hearts, but we live so close to DC we have learned to avoid "Rolling Thunder" Saturday morning in all the campgrounds surrounding DC - those suckers wake up early and they ALL drive Harleys.

I respect them to pieces, but I would rather wait one more day then go through that again. It is LOUD [and boy...can some campers stay up all night long on Friday night? and I don't mean the R/T gang..the others....whoooboy! No quiet hours of 10 - 7 for those campers :D]

Enjoy your wine, while we pack :)

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