Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Heigh ho, heigh ho, a winnowing we go

I've already explained that Denny and I stay at my mother's house several days a week to avoid the 50 miles round trip commute from our campground. When your truck only gets 10 mph per gallon it's an expensive round trip. The new Ford diesel is more green emissions-wise, but it sucks up more fuel. Did we get anywhere with that?

Anywho, as Denny and I have been working on the house, things are starting to disappear. Not by theft, but by inheritance and by selling items. Yesterday the desk left, so I'm now working on a tiny plastic desk left here by my niece who had lived with Mom for a while. The same niece who took a lot of the bakeware, so that when I made some brownies the other week I had to improvise on a baking pan, forgetting most of them were gone. The casserole dishes have gone to another niece, Denny took the silverware to our son in New York when he delivered a band saw and a metal storage cabinet up there so we're eating with plastic forks and spoons. When family members ask for things I say "sure", forgetting that we're living here and might need them. I did ask that my brother-in-law leave the glider out back for Denny and I to sit in and relax after a long day working here but--I gave the blender/food processor to Darb and his wife. Now THAT was a mistake. Because now there are no frozen margaritas to sip while relaxing in said glider after a hard day's work. **SIGH**

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

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