Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rain, Sun, Wind, Rain

It's a day fit for man nor geese beast. Denny and I had planned to play golf today but rain combined with a strong wind does not make for fun golf, so we're indoors today. I figured this meant I was supposed to get some housework done, so I tossed a load of laundry in the washing machine, pulled up Pandora on the computer for some housework music and started scrubbing the floors. Don't have Pandora on your computer? Go to and create your own play list of songs simply by typing in an artist name or a song title and Pandora will create a "station" of songs of a genre similar to your song/artist. For this morning I went with Neil Diamond since I have a small floor area. Back in the day of the big house, I would have inserted Sly and the Family Stone and bebopped and hip-slung my way around the house getting my chores done.

It was more fun with Sly.


Soulknitting said...

Sly and the Family Stone!!! Summertime DRIVE music!!! WOOT!! ::::where is that cd?::::

Linda and Denny said...

CD????? I'm talking LP on the record player!!!!!!!

They are on CD??? Woot!!

SkippyMom said...

You? Mopping the floor to my man Sly? I am packing the car now and driving to OH...giggle..that is too much. You sound like me.

My friends always said "Well, Skippy will never be gain weight 'cause all she does is dance". And I have found it to be true.

I got the name "Skippy" honestly. ;)

So Linda - let's dance!!!

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