Friday, May 01, 2009

People, People, People

Buy a Class C motorhome for $70,000 to $90,000 and add a membership to a private campground organization that specializes in natural forest preserve settings for another $1,000 to $14,000. Pull your new RV into one of those member campgrounds, hook up your utilities and then proceed to close every blind over every window so no one can see in and you can't see out.

You'd be surprised at how many people do this, too. The Class C pictured below with the windshield covered and the blinds drawn in the middle of the day is not unusual in this lifestyle. It makes me wonder why they even bother to come here?

Onward and upward. Denny and I decided to single handedly do our part to stimulate the economy by spending our tax refund, plus a little more. This is what we treated ourselves to: new LaZBoy recliners in a material that won't show claw marks like our previous "pleather" rocker/gliders.

Ah ha! The first hummingbird of the season just lit on my window feeder. It is now officially spring--the heck with robins!

Lastly, Patches hiding in the flower bed foliage at Mom's house, trying to catch a squirrel or sparrow. Actually, Patches has become quite timid, possibly from us moving her back and forth between our trailer and Mom's house. She goes from having the freedom of being unleashed in Mom's backyard to having to walk on a leash at the campground and I think it is getting to her. That's all I need on my plate--a neurotic cat.

Th-th-that's all, folks.


SkippyMom said...

oooh, those chairs are gorgeous. They look so comfortable.

Kind of like Patches in the pic'...too cute!

So you are in Ohio now?

Jonna (aka mom) said...

I do like those chairs. They look like they would be comfortable with a back disability. Oh and your kitty is adorable!

Soulknitting said...

I don't understand closing the inside with such a beautiful view either. Until at night, when the aliens and monsters come out from the forest. Then every damn window shade had better be closed with NOOOOOOOO little peep holes or little side areas open for those alien eyes to peeerrrr into the RV/Tent/House/Cabin or car. Yea, I'm weird. I feel the same way about closet door. Shut. They must be SHUT. I think it all has to do with the attic and basement in my Grandparents house. Ruined me for life in the dark. Unless I'm in a cave system under ground. Then the dark doesn't worry me at all. See????? I am weird. Or night diving. I'm all good with the dark there. No wonder I don't have a boyfriend. I'm too weird at/about night. ((gg)) haven't been taking her into the basement at your Mom's have you. (see above descriptions on how basements effect psyche.)

Linda and Denny said...

H*ll yes, I take her into the basement--that's where my old bedroom was. And do you know how many years it was before I was able to get up the nerve to even consider asking my dad to build a room down there for me so I could get away from my little sister? If I had to deal with the basement monsters, so can Patches. Heh.

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